Mobile & Online Classes

Classes for SEIU Local 2015 members available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Learn at your own pace. Study as little as 3 minutes a day or complete an entire course as quickly as you can. With Cell-Ed, you can study anytime, anywhere on any mobile phone.

Do you want to learn Spanish? Improve your reading or math skills? Learn English? Build your understanding of United States civics to take a Citizenship class? Write better? These courses are for you! Learn essential skills that will help you at work and in your daily life.

“It is a way that is very easy. I take my teacher with me everywhere and in my free time, I turn it on and that’s it.”

Reyna Fuller, SEIU Local 2015 member, IHSS Worker

Available Classes

Cell-Ed English on the Go: six English courses from beginner to advanced
Cell-Ed Skill Builder: four courses in reading, writing, math, and social studies
Cell-Ed Work Ready: gain key work skills from applying for a job to how to communicate effectively at work
Cell-Ed Civics and Citizenship: learn how to apply for and pass your naturalization exam
Spanish for Beginners: beginner courses to learn Spanish in a healthcare setting

Sign up today using one of the options below.

Option 1: Texting & Audio (if you do NOT have internet access)
Step 1: Call 1 818-423-5533
Step 2: Press 1# to hear instructions in English or 2# to hear instructions in Spanish
Step 3: Enter PIN Number: 1489#
Step 4: Listen to your teacher and respond to a few questions
Step 5: Choose the course you want to study

Option 2: Smartphone App (if you DO have Internet access)

Step 1: Download the Cell-Ed app on your phone!
Apple App – for iPhone users
Google App – for Android users
Step 2: Open the app, enter your phone number, and make sure the image of the United States flag is selected.
Step 3: Create your own password
Step 4: Enter the PIN number: 1489
Step 5: Listen to your teacher and respond to a few questions
Step 6: Choose the course you want to study

All you need is a cell phone! These classes will build your confidence and effectiveness. Coaches are available for support during the course.

If you have questions or any difficulty accessing the app, email us at