AARP Study Emphasizes the Importance of CLTCEC’s IHSS+ Program

By May 13, 2019News

AARP’s 2019 study “Home Alone Revisited: Family Caregivers Providing Complex Care,” found that half of America’s informal, unpaid family caregivers are performing medical tasks they are not trained to do, from handling pain management to giving injections, and they are carrying a heavier burden than caregivers who are not taking on those responsibilities.

The study found caregivers are largely on their own when it comes to learning such tasks, and often face the emotional responsibility of managing a consumer’s pain. Additionally, the study showed that “social isolation compounds difficulties with complex care, across generations and cultural groups.”

Approximately 70% of California’s MediCal-funded In Home Supportive Services (IHSS) providers fall into the category of family caregivers and therefore experience similar challenges. CLTCEC’s  IHSS+ Home Care Integration Training Program helps address these issues. Participants with varying levels of education learn useful skills through evidence-based practices including role plays, facilitated reflection, and hands-on work. Our training places emphasis on the five key roles that caregivers play – Monitor, Communicator, Coach, Navigator, and Care Aide. Through this well-rounded curriculum, caregivers are ultimately better equipped for both the physical and emotional challenges often present in their day-to-day work. For information on our current classes, see our Home Care Programs page.