“Education is power and what I’ve learned through this training program has empowered me to be a better caregiver."

- Brenda Tidmore, IHSS provider

Our Mission

The California Long-Term Care Education Center (CLTCEC) provides educational opportunities as tools of empowerment for long-term care workers to build better lives, provide quality care and meet and invest in, the critical needs of the long-term care workforce.

Better care through training

We provide evidence-informed training for IHSS home care providers and the seniors and persons with disabilities to whom they provide care

Reducing healthcare costs

We provide training associated with reductions in ER visits and hospitalizations (UCSF 2016)

Improving health outcomes through care integration

We partner with health plans to integrate home care workers into care teams

Supporting nursing home employer retention and expansion

We train nursing home workers new skills that help employers stay competitive

Home Care Providers

The IHSS+ training program has empowered me to be an even better caregiver. Through this training I have learned new skills that have benefited my consumer and have helped me grow as a professional caregiver.”

-Cecili Hu, IHSS Provider


IHSS providers care for family members
possible cost savings associated with IHSS providers completing training (UCSF 2016)
long-term care workers trained since 2012

Nursing Home Workers

The Education Fund is a great resource that helps Local 2015 nursing home workers continue to build our skills and improve the care we’re able to give."

-George Nmah, CNA


The Education Fund offers FREE classes to Local 2015 nursing home members whose employers contribute to the Fund.

CNA Training

We are pleased to offer FREE CNA training to qualifying Local 2015 nursing home members. To learn more, click here.